Tanja Wilcox

Senior Associate, Landscape Architect

Tanja Wilcox, senior associate, is a registered landscape architect with a degree in landscape architecture from Cornell University. She has over 20 years of experience in planning, design and project management. 

Her work includes a wide range of parks, shorelines, urban gathering spaces, and recreation, campus and stormwater facilities. Tanja's expertise encompasses aesthetic design for seawalls, bridges and neighborhood streetscapes, shoreline design and enhancement, design of salmon habitat, and restoration of sensitive areas. 

Environmental awareness and utilizing sustainable design principles is of great importance to Tanja. She is passionate about working collaboratively with clients and communities to find imaginative and sensitive design solutions that bring people closer to the natural world in healthy, enjoyable and fulfilling ways. 

Tanja's projects include aesthetic design of the Ohmi Ohdori Bridge in Japan, master planning for Evans Creek Preserve in Sammamish, site design and construction administration for the Yauger Park Stormwater Facility, and neighborhood planning and streetscape design for Howard Street in Port Townsend.