South Park Adjacent Streets Landscape Improvements

J.A. Brennan is designing roadway, drainage, and pedestrian facilities improvements in a mixed use neighborhood of South Park adjacent to the Duwamish waterway.  As part of a larger effort in South Park to provide natural drainage solutions and cleanse stormwater before it enters the Duwamish, the project provides innovative rain gardens that are enhanced with fungus/mycelium to treat contaminants.  Bioretention soils will help achieve goals related to pollutant treatment, water quality, infiltration, and plant survival.

At South Donovan Street and Dallas Avenue South, a streetend will be converted to a non-motorized public access corridor that connects to the Duwamish River's edge. The pathway will offer a green oasis with small gathering/viewing areas, and interpretive signage for the community to enjoy and learn about the Duwamish corridor.  The new pathway will ultimately connect to adjacent riverside shoreline trails (in development).   



Client: Seattle City Light/the Environmental Protection Agency, and Seattle Public Utilities
Location: Seattle